From Vigilance to Peace (Part two)

This post is part of a series entitled: Reflections from A Course in Miracles. This is the second post of Part VI. Vigilance to Peace, of Chapter 7, The gifts from the Kingdom.

While the ego does what it can to ensure its own survival by discrediting true wisdom and attaching itself to anything but this wisdom, Spirit does not attack it for doing so. Spirit does not even recognize the illusions of the ego.  Spirit does not recognize conflict, it only recognizes light and love. You will continue to experience conflict, as long as you continue to perceive through the ego. The ego is not truth, and therefore, it wants to part of it.

As we have said, love and ego cannot coexist, so a total commitment to one or the other is necessary to resolve conflict. Since you are made of love, pure ego is not entirely possible, so, as long as you continue choosing the ego, you will continue to feel conflict. Your mind is divided between the ego and love.

You are made in the image of God. You are a part of a whole and you are more powerful than you know. When you buy into the ego’s delusions, you are silencing your intuition, and thereby limiting your own power. This is why we meditate. Meditation is nothing more than silencing the ego. When we allow the ego to dominate the mind, we silence the intuition and ignore our own innate wisdom, this is what brings us pain.  When you silence you intuition (and your connection to the earth) you are denying your own existence as part of the universal wisdom.

When we deny our own intuition, we are fearful (because we have given up our own power) and as an animal trapped in the corner, we attack. We make up things to attack by projecting our own perceived flaws onto other humans and judging them. In doing so, we judge ourselves and the cycle continues. The only way to remove yourself from this loop is to remove the ego.

Everything in the world of ego is a mirage, it is not real. Only that which is created in love, is real. As long as you continue to perceive that which the ego has made as real and important, you will continue to experience discomfort, because your mind is split between the innate wisdom and eternal light of love and the trappings of the ego. Once again, you cannot have them both and spirit is eternal. It is insanity then, to attempt to maintain them both. Only the innate wisdom of the intuition matters. It is always there, whether we choose to heed it or not. When we learn the difference between the ego and the spirit (intuition), we regain our personal power and open the world up to so much possibility.

The choice is yours to make. The evidence has been presented. Love and fear cannot coexist. Fear is of the ego. Love is of spirit. Spirit is eternal and perfect. Creations of the ego (Fear) are not real and do not really exist. Fear is nothing more than the ego attempting to protect itself from wisdom, because wisdom will make the ego unnecessary. Only the light and wisdom of love will prevail because it is the only thing that truly exists. You are part of that light and love, you are powerful and have the ability to perform miracles and create. The only thing that stands in your way, is YOU! (The ego)